Aleksandr Malakhov b. 1975, is an abstract artist based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia
I practice reductive art, seeking harmony and balance in my compositions. I transform complex meanings into simple geometric forms through deconstruction, using color, texture, form and volume to create sculptures or objects that interact with space and its perception.

My works are physical objects that have both a material and spiritual quality. I create interaction between the viewer and the work by using simple materials — plywood, steel and a unique artistic technique. The result is an object that encourages spatial thinking in the viewer and leads to reflection.
Rostov Art College named after M.B. Grekov, 1991 - 1995

Illusion of Space, 2022, Rostov-on-Don
Forms, 2022-2023, Rostov-on-Don

International Festival Of Russian Architecture Zodchestvo, 2020, Moscow
Art Russia Fair, 2021, Moscow
Art Russia Fair, 2022, Moscow
Cosmoscow Art Fair, 2022, Moscow
ТOP 100 AD Russia Design Award, 2021

Design + Interior Magazine, 2023
Book of Crazy Ships, TATLIN, 2021
Geometric Abstract Art Magazine, 2020
AD Architectural Digest, 2019

Alexander Malakhov is a Russian artist known for his reductive art, which uses the language of geometric abstraction, repetition, monochrome or primary colours, seriality and minimalism. His works are sculptures that work with the perception of space through objects in the medium. Working with volume and geometry, rhythm, balance and colour as well as material — wood, steel and a unique artistic technique combined with digital and machine technology — artist creates new meanings from deconstructed complex images.

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